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Global Youth Leaders Congress (GYLC) 2018
July 31-August 5, 2018, at the Kongress Palais, Kassel, Germany
Global Youth Leaders Congress website 

September 6-8, 2018 - Urban Mission and Ministry Congress | UMMC
The vision of the Urban Mission and Ministry Congress (UMMC) is people transformed, empowered, and equipped to provide outstanding leadership for the Gospel in urban contexts. 

The mission is to provide an interdisciplinary congress providing inspiration, leadership development, training, consultation, and research for urban ministry leaders.  To learn more information, see


International Division Pathfinder Camporees


August 13-18, 2018 - West-Central African Division Camporee

January 8-13, 2019 - Fifth South American Division Camporee, Alpha Edition, with 45,000 attending, held at parque do Peao, Barretos, Sau Paulo

January 15-20, 2019 - Fifth South American Division Camporee, Omega Edition, with 45,000 attending, held at parque do Peao, Barretos, San Paulo

July 29-August 4, 2019 - Inter-European Division - Czech Republic 

July 29-August 5, 2019 - Trans-European Division - The South of England Showground, RH17 6TL Ardingly, England 

August 12-17, 2019 - International/World Camporee - Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA

January, 2023 - South Pacific Division - Australia

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