Church of Refuge (COR) is a resource offered by the Center for Youth Evangelism that assists local churches in providing meaningful, Christ-centered ministry that will attract and hold Young Adults.


Significant numbers of youth and young adults leave the Seventh-day Adventist church every year for a number of reasons. In addition to all the other great initiatives in place and recognizing the strength of the local Church, the Center for Youth Evangelism has launched Church of Refuge (COR). We support local churches in providing meaningful, Christ-centered ministry that attracts and holds young adults.

Ministry Model

Local churches that demonstrate they are incorporating the nine COR values in their ministry will be certified and join the COR Network. These churches will then be promoted to young adults through print and online media. We believe that there are countless churches that already exceed all these values and thus will find the process incredibly simple.


In ancient Israel, cities of refuge were secure, conveniently located, inclusive, spiritual communities for individuals seeking a safe haven. Similarly, churches of refuge are safe, friendly, accepting faith communities that welcome young people.

COR in the World

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COR featured in Adventist Review: Like Water Between Our Fingers

A sample of a COR congregation: PawPaw SDA Church

COR featured in Lake Union Herald: An Invitation (page 18)

Download the COR Values Guide here.


COR Ministry Overview (PDF) – This 2 page document describes the main elements of the COR ministry.

COR Position Paper (PDF) – This paper, which was prepared for and presented at the 180 Symposium in 2008, covers the theological foundation or COR. It also presents the 9 COR Values and COR’s ministry model.

2010 COR Survey (PDF) – In early 2010, COR re-conducted the 2008 survey, which was reported in the COR Position Paper, with a much larger sampling of respondents from North America, Bermuda, and Europe. Young adults reported the factors they consider important when evaluating faith communities. A full report (nearly 500 pages) is also being compiled