Meet the Director


Hey Friend!

So glad you are thinking about going on the Cruise With A Mission (CWM). My name is Nathaniel Sevilla. I went on my first CWM trip in 2019. Like you, I tried to plan my finances and details before my first trip but the truth is, I’ve been contemplating going for years! I first heard of CWM back in 2012 when a pastor-friend of mine was leading the trip but I never made the leap. What took me so long? By profession, I’ve been in full-time pastoral ministry since 2009, got married in 2013, and now we have two boys at age 3 and age 1. I first met my wife in 2010 while I was helping in an evangelistic series in Silver Springs, Maryland. We both discovered we have a passion for missionary work. In fact, at some point in our lives, we plan to go overseas and serve as missionaries. It’s simply part of our relationship to serve. CWM was always in the back of my mind but I could never make it happen until last year. It’s taken time to get to this point but I’ve put off this trip long enough. Most excitedly, I’ll be leading as the Director now. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be doing this with you. It’s been a long time coming. We have a lot planned for this trip. There are many people involved to make this happen and God knows what is needed to spread His Word in this world today. Don’t wait to sign up or overthink it. If God calls and you feel like its time take the leap and step out in faith. Let’s see what God does next.

– Nathaniel Sevilla

Email me if you have any questions.