Church of Refuge would like to help you with resources that you can use in your own congregations.

Resources are available under each COR Values.  To share these 9 COR initiatives with your church, feel free to print this COR Brochure.

COR – Church of Refuge

COR - Church of Refuge
COR Value #1 - Acceptance
COR Value #2 - Service
COR Value #3 - Discipleship

New Research on the State of Discipleship (2015)

Why Are So Many Young People Falling Away from Faith? (2015)

How Discipleship Works (2014)

Every kid needs a champion (2013)

“This is Discipleship” (2011)

Personal Devotions

Revived by God’s Word. A Mini-Handbook for Bible Study, by Melodious Echo Mason, ARME Bible Camp Ministries, and Armando Miranda

Study the Bible

Bible Schools

Adventist Discovery Centre

The Truth Link Series, by Ty Gibson

Bible Studies for Life

Own It 365

You Version

Learn to Study the Bible, by Andy Deane

Bible Study Methods. Twelve Ways to Unlock God’s Word, by Rick Warren (2018)

The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell (1999)


Devotionals Daily from Gateway

Proverbs 31

Daughters of the Creator

Family Worship

Bible Study GraceLink Sabbath School

Own It 365

Bible For Kids

Seeds Family Worship

How to Help Your Child Really Love Jesus, by Donna Habenicht

The Beginner’s Bible

Amazing Adventures, by Amazing Facts

Discovery Mountain is a dramatized audio program where listeners experience adventure, mystery, camp fire songs and, most importantly, get to know Jesus

Adventist Discovery Centre

Devotional Hugs from Jesus (Preschool)

Devotional Llamas, Leopards, and Lizards (Junior/Earliteen)

Devotional God’s Big Idea (Primary)

Devotional One-Year Devotions for Active Boys, by Karen Whiting and Jesse Florea

Small Groups

Adventist Christian Fellowship

How to Lead a Seeker Bible Discussion

Discovering the Real Jesus

Uncovering the Life of Jesus


Yo pensaba que… Revisando conceptos sobre alguien llamado “DIOS” (Español)

COR Value #4 - Community
COR Value #5 - Sabbath
COR Value #6 - Support
COR Value #7 - Leadership
COR Value #8 - Budget
COR Value #9 - Change

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