Ron whitehead7301537fRon Whitehead


Vern Byrd

Operations Manager & WeCare Missions Director

Donald Church9070Donald Church

Finance Manager

Petr Cincala

ICM Director

Sue Young

Administrative Assistant

7627851 3d question mark renderingChris Jones

180 Symposium Director

Victory Kovach

Communication and Marketing Director

Sam Clough


Nestor Osman

Youth Evangelism Congress Director

Option1Nathaniel Sevilla

Cruise With A Mission Director

Gretel Dupertuis401045smallGretel Dupertuis-Osman

Children’s Ministries Director

Cheryl Logan7302427Cheryl Logan

Toolbox for Club Ministry Director

Jonathan Logan7302474Jonathan Logan

Toolbox for Club Ministry Deputy Director

Gerald BedneyGerald Bedney

Church of Refuge Director