The Youth Evangelism Congress is an event unlike any other.

Every two years, senior youth & young adults ages 16-35 in the Lake Union Conference gather together with pastors, youth directors, ministerial directors, conference presidents, and Union Administrators to be empowered and resourced for evangelism back in their local churches and communities. As a result, each time, young adult leaders use up to $170,000 dollars from a joint evangelism fund from LUC, local Conference & the local churches to launch new evangelism projects. Their goal is always the same: to bring the gospel to their local church community.

On February 16-18, 2024, the Lake Union Conference will hold another Youth Evangelism Congress for those that believe that NOW IS THE TIME to step forward for Christ in the mission of spreading the gospel “in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14). This time, the Hilton Chicago/Northbrook will welcome us in Northbrook, IL.

Pastors, youth directors, ministerial directors, Conference presidents, and Union administrators want to be part of this event to support you and listen to your ideas. We are stronger together!

Visit the Youth Evangelism Congress website