Cye timeline

1979 – Under the leadership of Des Cummings, Jr., Andrews University Seminary established the Youth Resource Center.  This was the first Adventist College/ University in the world to establish a Center to specialize in the training of students and congregation youth ministry leaders for various forms of Youth Evangelism.

1985 – When Steve Case joined the Seminary faculty, he was recruited to teach youth ministry subjects and take over the Director position for the Youth Resource Center.  Steve upgraded the Youth Ministry Book Library and held various youth ministry training seminars around the country.

1991 – The appointment of Randal Wisbey as the new Center Director.  Randy established Seminary student involvement throughout the North American Division with a one-day program called Youth Summit. Over 10,000 Youth Participated in interactive events.  Also, he elevated the training of graduate students who wanted to specialize in Youth ministry by establishing the MA in Youth Ministry Degree.  The Youth Ministry Leadership publication Giraffe News and Society was created under Randy’s leadership.

1996 – Ron Whitehead joined the Seminary faculty and agreed to manage the renamed Youth Resource Center.  With a full-time Executive Director for the new Center for Youth Evangelism, most of the previous ministry programs were enhanced and new Youth Evangelism methods were created. Vern Byrd joined CYE as Assistant Director, Operations.

1999 – Barry Gane gave leadership to the MA in Youth Ministry training and served as a support person for CYE until he left for Australia.

2006 – Japhet De Oliveira joined CYE as an Associate Director and as of 2009 was appointed the Director of CYE with Ron Whitehead still serving as Executive Director.

2008 – Allan Walshe began giving leadership to the MA in Youth Ministry training and serving as a support person for CYE. He returned back to Australia and left the team in 2020.

2009 – CYE is incorporated. See the incorporation document and by-laws.

2010 – Jose Bourget joined CYE as Assistant Director.  Jose served CYE in that capacity until 2011, when he accepted the call as chaplain at Andrews University.  Also in 2010, CYE celebrated its 30th anniversary on October 21, 2010.

2011 – CYE welcomed Tibor Shelley as the new Assistant Director. Tibor brings a vast background of leadership and knowledge to the team.

2014 – Sue Young joined CYE as Administrative Assistant to the Director.

2016 – Nestor Osman joined as CYE’s Special Projects Manager. He has served as the 2019 International Camporee Guest Coordinator and the Lake Union Youth Evangelism Congress Director for 2018 and 2020.

2018 – Victory Kovach joined as CYE’s Communication/Marketing Director.

2019 – Don Church joined CYE as Business Manager.

2021 – Rogelio Paquini joined the CYE board as an invitee.

2022 – Gretel Dupertuis Osmán joined CYE as Volunteer Children Ministry Director. Akram Khan joined CYE as Business Manager. Carmen Ayala joined CYE as Admin Assistant.


Past Ministries/Events

Extreme Team – A traveling young adult youth evangelism team that served the NAD under the leadership of Bryan Yeager from 1998-2001.

Impact Toronto – A young adult evangelism event that was held at the 2000 General Conference in Toronto, Canada.

Mission Possible – A youth evangelism “how to” information packet, which includes film and a book.  It was developed for the Net 1998 satellite meetings hosted at Andrews University.

Children Evangelism Doctrine – Teaching game / program for leaders to teach children in an interactive, fun way the doctrines of the SDA church.  This program is used at VBS, Day Camps, and public evangelism meetings.

Giraffe University – A national one and two day training program that helped support local youth leaders who wanted to stick their necks out for youth/young adults.