Majority of the papers, presentations and suggestions from the 180o Sympsoium are edited and presented in a published book six months after the Symposium. Below are the books from each thus far.



Reach Out! Relevant Youth Evangelism

There are varying postmodernist approaches to the idea of community that impact the role of religious bodies for individuals searching for spiritual experiences.


Generational Faith: Change and Consistency Across Generations

Will your children be just like you? Will their faith look like yours? If so, to what extent? If not, why?


Youth Speak: The Church Listens

Research papers dealing with why some youth and young adults leave the church and some stay, and how to attract more of them to come back.


BUY Recalibrate Models of Successful Youth

This resource shares the top 10 models for Youth and Young Adult Ministry. These were presented at the 180oSymposium sponsored by the Center for Youth Evangelism in the fall of 2010. Also included are seven additional models and 19 papers that were presented. A wealth of knowledge from Youth and Young Adult Ministry practitioners.



BUY Reach Your Campus Reach the World

Among the 23 papers included in Reach Your Campus Reach the World, you will find powerful ministry ideas presented by Steve Case, Kirk King, Ron Pickell, Alex Espana, Martin Weber, and many others. Topics covered include rethinking evangelism, campus-based youth ministry, social networking and the faith community, and supporting our youth.

Young people are searching for meaning. With the confusing messages bombarding them daily, they need to hear the truth. Is your congregation ready to reach out to public campuses?



BUY Ministering With Millennials

Among the 25 papers included in Ministering with Millennials, you will find powerful ministry ideas presented by Steve Case, Michaela Lawrence, Chris Blake, Lisa Hope, Ron Whitehead, Allan Walshe, Victor Marley and many others. Topics covered include the importance of church climate, using short term mission trips as a connector, creating relational young adult ministries and how to “hand on faith” to the next generation.

The Millennial generation is looking for meaning. They are investing themselves in finding a way that will lead to personal relationships and involvement that makes a difference. Is your congregation ready to minister with Millennials?