Materials Development


The Institute of Church Ministry (ICM) has produced a number of materials to aid the church in its mission. They include:

  • a tape slide program on human relations
  • a Caring Church Manual
  • a church growth manual (Dynamics of Church Growth)
  • a self guiding, tape booklet workshop on human relations in the church
  • a Manual for Church Growth Consulting
  • major books such as -
    • Adventures in Church Growth
    • Plant a Church: Reap a Harvest
    • The World of the Adventist Teenager
    • Citizens of Two Worlds: Religion and Politics among American Seventh-day Adventists
    • Valuegenesis: Faith in the Balance
    • Why Our Teenagers Leave the Church

ICM also was responsible for editing the book: Issues: Seventh-day Adventists and Certain Private Ministries. For a number of years ICM produced Administry, the voice of the North American Division.  

ICM can prepare documents as requested including books. See our section on past accomplishments. This also includes editing documents.

Contact us and let us know how we can serve you in ministry.