Speaker Bio



Pastor Damian Chandler was born in Toronto Canada and raised on the island of Barbados. His ministry journey started in a small church housed in the basement of his home. With only 9 members, the burden of the ministry fell equally on the shoulders of all, including this 16 year old teen. At night he could hear the prayers of these humble people rising through the vents into his room. That small church made a large deposit in the spiritual hunger of Pastor Chandler and stands as a turning point in his life and a foundation for his call to ministry.

He attended Oakwood College in Huntsville, AL and then later furthered his preparation by pursuing and attaining a Masters of Divinity degree from the Adventist Theological Seminary of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

His ministry journey has taken him across the length and breadth of America from Seattle Washington to Huntsville Alabama. In 2014 Pastor Chandler accepted a call to the Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sacramento, California where he serves as senior pastor

This fall Damian's ministry takes yet another leap with the release of his first book The Crooked Christmas Tree by Faith Words Publishing. This truly contemporary parable speaks to the human need for grace and Gods unique ability to make crooked things beautiful.

Pastor Chandler is passionate about ministry, but he is even more passionate about family. After years of dedicated pursuit God gave him the desire of his heart and a partner in life, his wife Tanzy Chandler. They later expanded their tribe with the addition of their daughter Zoe, sons Salem and Levi.