COR Position Paper, p. 15-16.








  • Benz, Jonathan and Robb-Dover, Kristina. (2016). The Recovery-Minded Church. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.
    • Here are some suggestions for what to include on your referral checklist:
  1. Twelve-step groups with personal contacts for each of these groups.
  2. Clergy and churches in your area with thriving support-group ministries and recovery expertise (if your church does not have these),
  3. Physicians and psychiatrists with addiction and dual-diagnosis specialties,
  4. Hospital facilities and detox centers providing services to alcoholics and addicts,
  5. Outpatient and inpatient treatment programs with good reputations,
  6. Halfway houses and other follow-up programs for addicts coming out of treatment programs,
  7. Mental health professionals with addiction expertise, as well as therapists trained in stress management,
  8. Treatment programs for homeless addicts, such as the Salvation Army. (p. 31).