Church of Refuge (COR) is a resource offered by the Center for Youth Evangelism that assists local churches in providing meaningful, Christ-centered ministry that will attract and hold Young Adults.

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COR featured in Adventist Review: Like Water Between Our Fingers

COR featured in Lake Union Herald: An Invitation

Download the COR Values Guide here.


COR Ministry Overview (PDF) – This 2 page document describes the main elements of the COR ministry.

COR Position Paper (PDF) – This paper, which was prepared for and presented at the 180 Symposium in 2008, covers the theological foundation or COR. It also presents the 9 COR Values and COR’s ministry model.

2010 COR Survey (PDF) – In early 2010, COR re-conducted the 2008 survey, which was reported in the COR Position Paper, with a much larger sampling of respondents from North America, Bermuda, and Europe. Young adults reported the factors they consider important when evaluating faith communities. A full report (nearly 500 pages) is also being compiled