Track Descriptions

Adventurer Basic Staff & Pathfinder Basic Staff | New to club ministry? Interested in becoming a Master Guide? This is the place to start. Learn the basics of club organization/curriculum, youth evangelism, and leadership. No Prerequisites.

Pathfinder Instructor | Education is the core of club ministry. Whether you are teaching an Investiture Achievement class, Honors, or leading worship, this track will help you connect more with your students. Great for TLTs! Prerequisite: Basic Staff.

Adventurer Director (NEW) & Pathfinder Director | Club administration can be an overwhelming calling. Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie, this track will help define your vision for ministry, build confidence, and strengthen organizational skills. Prerequisite: Basic Staff.

Master Guide | If you are a Master Guide candidate, this track is for you! Learn alongside candidates from different clubs, discover new ways to involve youth in church, and earn eight of the required workshops for your Master Guide Card or portfolio! Prerequisite: Basic Staff.

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Pathfinder Leadership | Already a Master Guide but want to continue learning? This track takes experienced staff deeper, exploring how to use club ministry for discipleship and evangelism. Take home practical ways to strengthen your club. Prerequisite: Master Guide.

Master Guide Instructor (NEW) | In this presenter-focused track you will learn how to equip other staff and mentor Master Guide candidates. Discover resources for training staff and refine your effectiveness as a public speaker. Prerequisites: Master Guide & Pathfinder Instructor.

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General Schedule February 2020

General Schedule March 2020

Workshop Schedule February & March 2020