Audition Music

Because this is a worldwide audition, we will be auditioning based on your performance of pieces selected by the Orchestra Director as well as a piece of your choice. You will need to perform and record on video a total of 2 pieces. Auditions that are not recorded with video will be discarded and not considered in the audition for the Camporee Orchestra. Only videos uploaded to youtube, vimeo, etc... will be considered for the audition. Videos and DVD's that are mailed to the Camporee office will not be accepted. Of the 2 pieces of music, 1 of them will measure the specific areas of musical expression and difficulty. The 2nd piece of music will be of your choosing.

Deadline for Camporee Orchestra Audition Submission:  Dec. 25, 2013

Announcement for Audition Results:  Jan. 1, 2014

Download Audition Music
Piece 1 (Difficulty):    Download Music Selection
Piece 2 (Your Choice):  Selection of your Choice

Proceed to download and print your music selection below and take time to practice them before you submit your audition video. If you would like some tips on the auditioning process, you can review them here.

Violin Viola Cello & Bass
2nd Violin (p. 1)  Viola (p. 1) Cello & Bass (p. 1)
2nd Violin (p. 2)   Cello & Bass (p. 2) 
1st Violin (p. 1)   Cello & Bass (p. 3)
1st Violin (p.2)   Cello & Bass (p. 4)
Concert Master (p. 1)    
Concert Master (p. 2)    
Concert Master (p. 3)    


Clarinet Flute Oboe Bassoon
 Clarinet (p. 1) Flute (p. 1) Oboe (p. 1) 1st Bassoon (p. 1)
Clarinet (p. 2) Flute (p. 2) Oboe (p. 2) 2nd Bassoon (p. 2)
  Flute (p. 3) Oboe (p. 3)  


 Trumpet Trombone  Bass Tuba Timpani 
 Trumpet (p. 1)  Tenor Trombone  Bass Tuba (p. 1)  Timpani (p. 1)
  Bass Trombone    


Audition Tips

Audition Uploads