6. Service

COR Congregations are committed to demonstrating God’s love through acts of service.

COR congregations actively engage the community in practical and relevant ways. Taking care of “the least of these” is in fact helping Jesus in his most distressing disguise. Service opportunities exist at three levels – giving fish, teaching people how to fish, and advocating for all to have equal access to the pond.

Bible Text

Our people must learn to use their lives for doing good and helping anyone who has a need. Then they will not have empty lives.​ 
~ Titus 3:14 ERV

Ellen G. White Quote

Seize upon every opportunity for contributing to the happiness of those around you. Remember that true joy can be found only in unselfish service."
Ministry of Healing, p. 362.

Non-denominational Quote

"So in every church, regardless of size and resources, there are two very practical ways to build a bridge of irresistible influence, two ways to effectively connect the church to the community, two ways to be salt and light. One way is by equipping your congregation to directly influence your community through the lifestyles they pursue and the good works they effectively initiate...
~ Robert Lewis and Rob Wilkins in The Church of Irresistible Influence, p. 186.


  • Acts of service are done in a way that respect the person served and evoke praise for our Father in heaven.
  • Partnerships are formed with local service agencies (Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, Amnesty International, United Way, etc.)
  • Acts of service benefit and meet the needs of church members as well as the local and global community.
  • Activities may include:
    • Renovating homes
    • Tutoring children
    • Responding to disasters
    • Cooking meals
    • Visiting homeless shelters
    • Hosting homeless individuals
    • Offering ESL classes 
    • Conducting conflict resolution and peace initiatives
    • Advocating for those without a voice
    • Advocating for environmental stewardship
    • And countless others

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