1. Sabbath

COR Congregations are committed to providing a meaningful Sabbath experience for senior youth and young adults.

COR congregations do so by offering time and space for collective study, worship and socializing. Young leaders actively shape the activities and meetings for this age group.

Bible Text

And I gave them the Sabbath—a day of rest every seventh day—as a symbol between them and me, to remind them that it is I, the Lord, who sanctifies them—that they are truly my people.
~ Ezekiel 20:12 TLB

Ellen G. White Quote

“The Sabbath meetings…, unless wisely planned and vitalized by the Spirit of God, may become the most formal, unpleasant, unattractive — and to the youth the most burdensome, of all the school exercises.
The religious exercises should be so planned and managed that they will be not only profitable, but so pleasant as to be positively attractive.
~ Testimony Treasures Vol. 2, p. 440.

Non-denominational Quote

As leaders working with young people from many faiths, we are witnessing the beginnings of a religious renaissance through an embrace of the Sabbath. And for a stressed-out, anxious generation seeking strength and solace, it’s just in time. 
~ “Why Young People are Setting Time Aside for Faith”, Washington Post, Oct. 2012. 


  • A space is available for young adults to meet at a desired time on the Sabbath (Friday night, Saturday morning/afternoon). 
  • A second service is available if the main service does not meet the needs of this group.
  • Greeters at church are friendly and reach out to visitors.
  • Visitors are recognized, welcomed and invited to return.
  • Retention is analyzed from database numbers.
  • Conversational Bible study groups are informative and practical. 
  • Music is worshipful and desirable for local young adults.
  • Preaching is engaging, biblical, relevant, grace-filled, Christ-centered and action-oriented.
  • Alternate vespers, Sabbath Schools, Sabbath afternoon activities and worship services are developed as desired.

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