Marketing Director

Job Description

Immediate Supervisor: Children's Leadership Conference Director

This person works to empower the marketing team to communicate the excitement of the Children's Leadership Conference by:

  1. Communicating to all marketing coordinators at least twice per month to keep communication and updates flowing regularly.
  2. Maintaining adherence to the the budget.
  3. Working with leadership team for overall planning and support.
  4. Developing and executing the overall marketing plan for the given year including advertisements in relevant magazines, contact with conferences and church leadership as necessary to successfully market the event.
  5. Developing preliminary plans for marketing the next CLC the week before, during, and one month after the current year's event.
  6. Coordinate with General Session Director to market guest speakers and presentations of the General Session.
  7. Coordinate with Workshop Director to market workshops and presenters.
  8. Coordinate with Meals Director to market meals for the weekend.
  9. Coordinate with General Sessions Director to market the next CLC during each General Session.
  10. Coordinate with Admin/Logistics Director to share location of event activities.
  11. Coordinate with Admin/Logistics Director to set up a space to market the next CLC.

Marketing Team Members

Marketing Coordinator Openings

  • Personal Marketing Coordinator
  • Print Marketing Coordinator
  • Email Marketing Coordinator
  • Photo/Video Coordinator
  • T-shirts Order/Sales Coordinator
  • Online Marketing/Website Coordinator

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