Workshop Director

Job Description

Immediate Supervisor: Children's Leadership Conference Director

This person empowers the Workshops team to provide the highest quality workshops possible by:

  1. Planning and scheduling workshop presenters for the weekend.
  2. Communicating at least monthly with workshop team coordinators.
  3. Collaborating with General Sessions Director to plan workshops by General Session Speakers.
  4. Making sure that all coordinators have what they need to be successful including AV supplies, print supplies, and on site office supplies.
  5. Participate in leadership meetings to assist in overall conference planning.
  6. Coordinating with the Marketing Director and marketing team to share presenter information in marketing materials.
  7. Acquiring all presenter information and materials in preparation for the Children's Leadership Conference.

Workshops Team

  • Go Fish for Kids Coordinator: Pamela Daly

Workshops Coordinator Openings

  • Spanish Track Coordinator
  • Workshop Materials Coordinator
  • Workshop Sign-ups Coordinator
  • Workshop Hosts Coordinator
  • Adventurer Track Coordinator
  • AV Coordinator

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