December 11-18, 2016 (Caribbean)



Trip Dates: December 11-18, 2016

Home Port: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Ship: ms Nieuw Amsterdam
Ports: Half Moon Cay, Bahamas; Georgetown, Cayman Islands; Cozumel, Mexico; Key West, Florida
Number on Trip: 41
Speaker: Nyse Collins

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December 11, 2016 found a group of 40 people from around the country joined together for the Center for Youth Evangelism’s 9th Cruise with a Mission in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Nyse Collins and Nadine Joseph-Collins joined the 2016 cruise and shared daily worship thoughts. Nyse and Nadine guided us in a spiritual journey of becoming "A Whole New Me". An approach to having a healthy lifestyle beggining with discovering who we are thru the Bible and making good choices in all areas of our life and health. Jennifer Patterson, a young adult who attended the trip, commented "The topics were completely relevant, informational, and contextual. The speakers were personable and approachable. I learned much from them." Edward Teh, one of our cruise veterans commented, "Nyse and Nadine were a blessing to us all. A lot of people are searching for Spiritual things to take home with them, but they added an element of practical things one can apply to one's own life."

During the missions aspect of the trip cruisers were offered diverse opportunities. Mission ports included Georgetown, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Mexico and Key West, Florida. Options at port included are detailed below

Georgetown, Cayman Islands
Port Coordinator: Laura Becker

Site 1: Bonaventure Boy's Home: Grounds clean-up.
Site 2: Francis Bodden Girls' and Boys' Home: Grounds clean-up and sand and paint the top part of the stair rail.
Site 3:NCVO Day Care and Thrift Shop: Assist daycare workers with children at NCVO's Miss Nadine’s Pre-school and help organizing the Thrift Shop
Site 4: Cayman Academy: Anti-bullying seminars and reorganize different rooms at the school.
Site 5: Humane Society: Walk dogs and care for them.

Cozumel, Mexico
Port Coordinator: Vern Byrd

Site 1: New Jerusalem SDA Church - Stucco on side walls, paint in Children's Sabbath School Room and front of church.
Site 2: Sister María's home - Build a firepit, put roof over firepit and one other room, clean front yard
Site 3: 08 North Cozumel District Seventh-Day Adventist Church: Lead out on children's evening program during the church's evangelistic campaign.

Key West, Florida
Port Coordinator: Pr. Manny Ojeda

Site 1: Key West Port: Prepare care packages for homeless shelter


Nyse Collins and Nadine Joseph Collins

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Worship Sessions

Session 1: Monday 12: Discovering Me

In this presentation cruisers were encouraged to see themselves the way God sees them. By examining the basic tenets of self-esteem and identifying crises that many people face in a changing world, seeing and valuing ourselves the way God sees us is critical to discovering 'a whole new me'.

Session 2: Tuesday 13: Physical Me

The Bible tells us that our bodies are God's temples. During this presentation cruisers were able to examine the importance of caring for the body for God's glory. The importance of rest, exercise, time outdoors, sleep, food, diet and nutrition were incorporated sincel all lend well to developing a physical body that houses the 'whole new me' concept.

Session 3: Wednesday 14: Mental Me

The purpose of this presentation was to encourage cruises to 'mind their mind' since "Sickness of the mind prevails everywhere. Nine tenths of the diseases from which men suffer haver their foundation here" (Ellen White, Counsels on Health, 324.2). In order to experience a whole new us, we need to have a new mind.

Session 4: Friday 16 (AM): Social Me

This presentation focused on the importance of good social support. It addressed the importance of inviting God to lead in choosing friends and establishing intimate relationships, selecting a spouse and Biblical counsel of managing one's sexuality.

Session 5: Friday 16 (PM): Spiritual Me

The spiritual aspect of health is important. In this presentation we focused on how people can work on developing the habit of praying everyday as a means to ensure that the 'whole new me' is directed and sustained by God.

Session 6: Sabbath 17: The Whole New Me

This presentation culminated the journey of discovering ourselves the way God sees us. It consolidated the working together of the mental, social, physical and spiritual healths to be able to experience the whole new me.



In 2016 we had 3 break-out presentations led out by Nyse Collins. Cruisers participated by doing a quick "How healthy is your lifestyle" Assessment, giving them a bird's eye view into where they stood in general in their overall health. Cruisers were also encouraged to set 1 goal to work on for the next 24 days.


Leadership TEAM


Ron Whitehead
Pastor Ron Whitehead
Executive Producer
Rabel Ortiz
Rabel Ortiz
Teresa Schaetzka
Teresa Schaetzka


James Ho
James Ho
Assistant Director
Photography Coordinator
Vern Byrd
Vern Byrd
Missions Director
Operations Manager
Christine Marshall
Christine Marshall
Hospitality Coordinator



Melody Ilacas
Anthony Mohr
Small Group Coordinator
Breakouts Coordinator
Jeremy Satnik
Jeremy Satnik
Onboard A/V Coordinator
Ron Herr
Ron Herr
Finance Manager


Sue Young
Sue Young
Office Administration
Jessica Lillie
Aristede Dukes
Onboard Emcee


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