Impact Youth - General Conference Youth Congress
Interlinc - Assists youth leaders in getting quality Christian music to their students
Just Claim It - NAD World youth prayer congress
Leadout Ministries - Leadership resources for teen/youth and young adults
Pastor 2 Youth - Free youth ministry resources
Sermon Spice - Videoclips, DVD and media resources for illustrations
Simply Youth Ministry - Free resources and ideas for your youth group
Standout - Spiritual retreat for highschool students on the campus of Andrews University
Wing Clips - Videoclips, DVD and media resources for illustrations - Library of youth resources from Group Publishing
Youth Specialties- Youth resources, seminars and products
Adventist Youth Ministries - Youth and Pathfinder information in the SDA Church.
Adventist Youthspace - Social nework for NAD youth and young adults
Angel House Media - Videoclips, DVD and media resources for illustrations
Center for Youth Evangelism - A wide variety of Adventist ministries and resources
Ghetto Preacher - One man whose burning desire for Christ sends him on many speaking appointments.
Group Publishing - Resources ranging from manuals, books, program ideas and more
Involve Youth - SDA youth resources, ideas and products
Insight Magazine - Resource magazine for youth

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