Past Ministries
EXTREME TEAM - A traveling young adult youth evangelism team that served the NAD under the leadership of Bryan Yeager from 1998-2001.

IMPACT TORONTO - A young adult evangelism event that was held at the 2000 General Conference in Toronto, Canada.

MISSION POSSIBLE - A youth evangelism "how to" information packet, which includes film and a book.  It was developed for the Net 1998 satellite meetings hosted at Andrews University.

CHILDREN EVANGELISM DOCTRINE - Teaching game / program for leaders to teach children in an interactive, fun way the doctrines of the SDA church.  This program is used at VBS, Day Camps, and public evangelism meetings.

GIRAFFE UNIVERSITY - A national one and two day training program that helped support local youth leaders who wanted to stick their necks out for youth/young adults.

Past CYE Colleagues and Partners in Ministry
Achata Amy Admin Assistant Full-Time
Aguero Jorge Stu Cler/Secr- CYE
Aguero Nelida Stud Contr-CYE
Aitken Jill Clerical Assistant-Temp FT
Anderson Bernie Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Arguelles Marlene Stu/Cle Rg Impact Toronto 2000
Baptiste Peter Camporee Computer Support
Baptiste Philip Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Barclay Melissa Secretary-Camporee
Bazzy Marklynn Stu/Cle Rg Impact Toronto 2000
Behrmann Tacyana CYE asst.
Beresford Chantal Office Worker - Camporee
Blanchard Erica Clerical Assistant-Temp FT
Blanchard Gary Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Bokon Jennifer Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Borges Rubia Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Bourget Jose Contact Center for Youth Evang
Bowen Dora Accountant/Temp FT Camporee
Boyd J Jeff Contract-CYE
Brauer Jonathan Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Brooks Wendy Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Brower Richard Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Buisson Telaine Stu/Cle Rg CYE Internet Radio
Burn Laurence Contract Faculty-Temporary
Burtnett Ryan Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee
Cantrell Tyler Video
Carlson Jeffrey Stu-Grad Asst Reg Seminary
Carlyle Morris Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Carscallen Jeremy Stu-Prof Contract youth/youth
Carter Michael Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Cinquemani Brittany Office Asst CYE
Cirigliano Amy Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Clouzet Jean-Marcel Stud Contr-CYE
Cross Rebecca Admin Asst CYE
Curnutt Kelsey Asst. to CYE asst. director
Das Sunith Stu-Grad Asst Campus Ministry
David Serenity Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Davila Massiel Stud GA Contract-CYE
Davis Jenny Administrative Assistant
Davis Justin Stud Grad Assist-Seminary
De Oliveira Japhet Assoc Dir-CYE/Chaplain for Mis
Dellen Christopher Stud Contr-CYE
Donkor Afia Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee
Duncan Desiree' Contract-CYE
Eliapo-Fuao Irae Office Worker - Camporee
Engel Lori Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
Estes Julie Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
Fitzgerald Troy Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
Franks Heidi Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Fuste Robert Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Goff Timothy Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
Graham Kevin Contact Center for Youth Evang
Grant Aman Stu/Cle Reg Ctr for Youth Evan
Guerrero Joseph Stu/Cle Rg CYE Internet Radio
Habenicht Donna Contract Faculty-Temporary
Hannah Erin Stud Contr-CYE
Harris Petal Stu-Cl Rg Giraffe University
Haughton Kasper Music and worship leader
Hellman Emily Admin Asst for Assoc Dir CYE
Hendrix Evan Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Ho Alden Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Hunt Audrey Clerical Assistant-Temp FT
Hurtado William Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Ice Roy Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Jakobsons Andrea Standout Leader
Jessen Holly Stu-Clerical Giraffe Society
Kincaid Emily Clerical Assistant-Temp FT
Knecht Michael Stu-Clerical Giraffe Society
Knight Charles Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Langdon Leilani Stu Cler/Secr- CYE
Leonor Samuel Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
LeVos Jillian Stud Contr-CYE
Levy Francine Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Littell Heidi Contact Center for Youth Evang
Lyder Wally Stu-Cl Rg Giraffe University
Macomber Carolyn Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee
Maycock Sean Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
McClelland Laurel Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
McKee Samuel Stu-Clerical Giraffe Society
Meharry Douglas Contract CYE
Meharry Tatiana Admin Asst CYE
Meulemans Paul General Labor
Micheff Jason Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Mitchell Kelvin Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Moore Brian Stu Cler/Secr- CYE
Mosley Jason Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee
Mucha Michelle Admin Assistant Full-Time
Muniz Paul Harbor of Hope
Nelson Derrick Stud Contr-CYE
O'Ffill Mark Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Parke Richard Passion Play
Parker Kristin Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Parker Kymberley-Ann G.U. / We Care Missions Direct
Parks Byard Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
Paul Christopher Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Paulicin Henoc Stu-Cle Reg Discover Camporee
Perrin Andrew CYE Webmaster
Peters Sarah Stud Contr Campus Ministries
Pruess Art CYE media productions
Ramos Elizabeth Office Help - CYE
Rellora Andrew General Labor-Camporee
Rhynus Dana Camporee NT special projects
Riano-Forrester Libby Assoc Dir Youth Resource Centr
Rogers Walter Contract-CYE
Schlisner Bret Stu-Clerical Giraffe Society
Self Keri Office Asst/Graphic Artist CYE
Smith Cloveth Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Soappman Matthew Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Stahl Josh Stu-Director Passion Play
Starr Mitchell Stud Contr-CYE
Steele Brit Contract-CYE
Steely Tori Stu Cle/Reg CYE Camporee Asst
Sudds Joanna Admin Assistant Full-Time
Suttle Erica Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Swensen Alexander Stu Cle/Reg CYE Camporee Asst
Swenson Wanda Wecare Disaster
Tauelia-Lafo Aloilevao Admin Asst CYE
Thomson Nicole Stu/Cle Rg Impact Toronto 2000
Thurber Justin General Labor
Toms Keren Asst for Missions-Temp
VinCross Tara Stu-Grad Asst Reg Seminary
Waldner-Stout Sarah Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Wasmer Gerald Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Webster Rochelle Contract CYE
Werda Jeffrey Secretary-Executive
Wheeler James Gerald Stu-Clerical Giraffe Society
Whidden-Wetterlin Laura Office Worker - Camporee
Whitehead Ronald Asst to President-Spirit. Life
Whitehead Ryan Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Witas Mark Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Wolfe Latoya Stu Cle/Reg CYE Camporee Asst
Yeager Michelle Admin Assistant Full-Time

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