2014 Symposium
Date:   August 19, 2014
Topic:   Supporting Local Young Adult Ministry Relating to the 9 COR Values
Location:   Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI
Schedule:   TBA

Interested in Joining Us?

Interested in joining us for the 180 Symposium in 2014? Please contact us. All papers need to be written to the approved guidelines for 180 Symposium and sent to the director by August 1.
  • Writing Guidelines: Download
  • Sample Paper 1
  • Sample Paper 2
Monte Sahlin
Monte Sahlin
CYE Director
Ron Whitehead
Ron Whitehead
Kenley Hall
Kenley Hall
Associate Professor
Joe Kidder
Joseph Kidder
Associate Professor


180 S Director
Gerardo Oudri
Estepha Francisque
Grad Student
AU Seminary
180 S Assist. Dir.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Grad Student
AU Seminary
  • Dave Ferguson, Andrews University
  • Jiwan Moon, General Conference 
  • Bonita Shields, General Conference
  • Paul Tompkins, Trans-European Division
  • Stephan Sigg, Inter-European Division
  • Steve Case, Involve Youth
  • Petr Cincala, Institute of Church Ministry
  • Donald Keele Jr., Georgia Cumberland Conference 
  • Throstur Thordarson, First South Bend SDA Church
  • Michael Taylor, Paw Paw SDA Church
  • Andres Flores,  EPIC SDA Church
  • Chip Dizard, Columbia Union Conference
  • and more.
  • Jephet Williams, Lake Region Conference
  • Peter Gyimah, Arizona Conference
  • Ashley Reddy, Andrews Seminary Student
  • Isaac Chia, Spanish Union
  • Jungchul Lee, Allegheny West Conference
  • Rachel Taylor, 
  • Chris Taylor, Florida Conference
  • Sarah Sinz, Andrews Seminary Student
  • Loan Gelu Peonariu, South Tranilvania Conference
  • Ruben Grieco, South Germany Union
  • Kenley Hall, AU Seminary
  • Joe Kidder, AU Seminary
  • Alex Vilem, Lower Saxony Conference
  • Ignazio Barbuscia, Italian Union
  • Stephen Vicaro, Alaska Conference
  • Martin Boehnhardt, Bavarian Conference
  • Ivan Nikolov, Bulgarian Union
  • Pedro Esteves, Portuguese Union
  • Cristina Nicoleta Neagu, Romanian Union
  • Michael Brunotte, Hansa Conference (North Germany)
  • Mariarosa Cavalieri, Italian Union
  • Daniel Bosqued, Spanish Union
  • Gerd Bonnetsmueller, Austrian Union
  • Alan Chlebek, Czech-Slovak Union
  • Viorel Sestun, Moldova-Romania Union
  • Alexander Kampmann, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
  • Hristo Stanev, Bulgarian Union
  • Pascal Rodet, Franco-Belgium Union
  • Sergi Tejel, FSRT-Swiss Union
  • Esther Hanselmann, Inter-European Division
  • Don Keele Jr., Georgia Cumberland Conference
  • David Hall, Nevada-Utah Conference
  • Ken Rogers, Southern Union
  • Israel Kafeero, Uganda Union
  • Throstur, Indiana Conference
  • Michael Taylor, Michigan Conference
  • April Romuald, Minnesota Conference
  • Rodlie Ortiz, Michigan Conference
  • Hebert Valiame, Quebec Conference
  • Nathan Adams, Andrews Seminary
  • Dennis Bundi, Central Kenya
  • Shannon Becker, Indiana Conference
  • Marchenry Metelius, Andrews University
  • Lynn Lukwaro, Middle East Union
  • Gureni Lukewaro, Middle East Union
  • Jobbie Yabut, Southern Asia-Pacific Division
  • Leandro Robinson, Pennsylvania Conference
  • Billie Burdick, Georgia-Cumberland Conference

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