Past Ministries

EXTREME TEAM - A traveling young adult youth evangelism team that served the NAD under the leadership of Bryan Yeager from 1998-2001.
IMPACT TORONTO -  A young adult evangelism event that was held at the 2000 General Conference in Toronto, Canada.
MISSION POSSIBLE  - A youth evangelism "how to" information packet. It includes  film & book. It was developed for the Net 1998 satellite meetings hosted at Andrews University.
CHILDREN EVANGELISM  DOCTRINE - Teaching game / program for leaders to teach children in an interactive, fun way the doctrines of the SDA church. This program is used at VBS , Day Camps, and public evangelism meetings.
GIRAFFE UNIVERSITY - A national  one & two day training program that helped support local youth leaders who wanted to stick their necks out for youth/young adults.
Past CYE Colleagues and Partners in Ministry
Achata Amy Admin Assistant Full-Time
Aguero Jorge Stu Cler/Secr- CYE
Aguero Nelida Stud Contr-CYE
Aitken Jill Clerical Assistant-Temp FT
Anderson Bernie Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Arguelles Marlene Stu/Cle Rg Impact Toronto 2000
Baptiste Peter Camporee Computer Support
Baptiste Philip Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Barclay Melissa Secretary-Camporee
Bazzy Marklynn Stu/Cle Rg Impact Toronto 2000
Behrmann Tacyana CYE asst.
Beresford Chantal Office Worker - Camporee
Blanchard Erica Clerical Assistant-Temp FT
Blanchard Gary Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Bokon Jennifer Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Borges Rubia Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Bourget Jose Contact Center for Youth Evang
Bowen Dora Accountant/Temp FT Camporee
Boyd J Jeff Contract-CYE
Brauer Jonathan Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Brooks Wendy Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Brower Richard Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Buisson Telaine Stu/Cle Rg CYE Internet Radio
Burn Laurence Contract Faculty-Temporary
Burtnett Ryan Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee
Byrd Vernon CYE Operations Manager
Cantrell Tyler Video
Carlson Jeffrey Stu-Grad Asst Reg Seminary
Carlyle Morris Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Carscallen Jeremy Stu-Prof Contract youth/youth
Carter Michael Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Cinquemani Brittany Office Asst CYE
Cirigliano Amy Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Clouzet Jean-Marcel Stud Contr-CYE
Cross Rebecca Admin Asst CYE
Curnutt Kelsey Asst. to CYE asst. director
Das Sunith Stu-Grad Asst Campus Ministry
David Serenity Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Davila Massiel Stud GA Contract-CYE
Davis Jenny Administrative Assistant
Davis Justin Stud Grad Assist-Seminary
De Oliveira Japhet Assoc Dir-CYE/Chaplain for Mis
Dellen Christopher Stud Contr-CYE
Donkor Afia Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee
Duncan Desiree' Contract-CYE
Eliapo-Fuao Irae Office Worker - Camporee
Engel Lori Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
Estes Julie Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
Fitzgerald Troy Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
Franks Heidi Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Fuste Robert Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Goff Timothy Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
Graham Kevin Contact Center for Youth Evang
Grant Aman Stu/Cle Reg Ctr for Youth Evan
Guerrero Joseph Stu/Cle Rg CYE Internet Radio
Habenicht Donna Contract Faculty-Temporary
Hannah Erin Stud Contr-CYE
Harris Petal Stu-Cl Rg Giraffe University
Haughton Kasper Music and worship leader
Hellman Emily Admin Asst for Assoc Dir CYE
Hendrix Evan Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Herr Ron Business Manager
Ho Alden Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Hunt Audrey Clerical Assistant-Temp FT
Hurtado William Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Ice Roy Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Jakobsons Andrea Standout Leader
Jessen Holly Stu-Clerical Giraffe Society
Kincaid Emily Clerical Assistant-Temp FT
Knecht Michael Stu-Clerical Giraffe Society
Knight Charles Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Langdon Leilani Stu Cler/Secr- CYE
Leonor Samuel Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
LeVos Jillian Stud Contr-CYE
Levy Francine Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Littell Heidi Contact Center for Youth Evang
Lyder Wally Stu-Cl Rg Giraffe University
Macomber Carolyn Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee
Maycock Sean Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
McClelland Laurel Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
McKee Samuel Stu-Clerical Giraffe Society
Meharry Douglas Contract CYE
Meharry Tatiana Admin Asst CYE
Meulemans Paul General Labor
Micheff Jason Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Mitchell Kelvin Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Moore Brian Stu Cler/Secr- CYE
Mosley Jason Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee
Mucha Michelle Admin Assistant Full-Time
Muniz Paul Harbor of Hope
Nelson Derrick Stud Contr-CYE
O'Ffill Mark Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Parke Richard Passion Play
Parker Kristin Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Parker Kymberley-Ann G.U. / We Care Missions Direct
Parks Byard Stu-Clerical Reg Youth Resour
Paul Christopher Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Paulicin Henoc Stu-Cle Reg Discover Camporee
Perrin Andrew CYE Webmaster
Peters Sarah Stud Contr Campus Ministries
Pruess Art CYE media productions
Ramos Elizabeth Office Help - CYE
Rellora Andrew General Labor-Camporee
Rhynus Dana Camporee NT special projects
Riano-Forrester Libby Assoc Dir Youth Resource Centr
Rogers Walter Contract-CYE
Schlisner Bret Stu-Clerical Giraffe Society
Self Keri Office Asst/Graphic Artist CYE
Smith Cloveth Stu Cl/Rg Giraffe Univ (USE)
Soappman Matthew Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Starr Mitchell Stud Contr-CYE
Steele Brit Contract-CYE
Steely Tori Stu Cle/Reg CYE Camporee Asst
Sudds Joanna Admin Assistant Full-Time
Suttle Erica Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Swensen Alexander Stu Cle/Reg CYE Camporee Asst
Swenson Wanda Wecare Disaster
Tauelia-Lafo Aloilevao Admin Asst CYE
Thomson Nicole Stu/Cle Rg Impact Toronto 2000
Thurber Justin General Labor
Toms Keren Asst for Missions-Temp
VinCross Tara Stu-Grad Asst Reg Seminary
Waldner-Stout Sarah Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Wasmer Gerald Stu-Clerical Reg Stud Mission
Webster Rochelle Contract CYE
Werda Jeffrey Secretary-Executive
Wheeler James Gerald Stu-Clerical Giraffe Society
Whidden-Wetterlin Laura Office Worker - Camporee
Whitehead Ronald Asst to President-Spirit. Life
Whitehead Ryan Stu Cle/Reg Sem Camporee 1999
Witas Mark Stu-Clerical Youth Summit
Wolfe Latoya Stu Cle/Reg CYE Camporee Asst
Yeager Michelle Admin Assistant Full-Time
Zork Nicholas Coordinator Giraffe University