Community-Building Sabbath School Ministry

Date: October 15-17, 2013
Topic: Sabbath School Ministry in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Location: Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI
Schedule: 2013 Schedule

Interested in Joining Us?

Interested in joining us for the 180 Symposium in 2013? Please contact us. All papers need to be written to the approved guidelines for 180 Symposium.

Moderator: Director: Editor: Editor:
Martin Weber Ron Whitehead Kenley Hall Joe Kidder
Martin Weber 
SDA Product Manager
Logos Bible Software
Ron Whitehead
Kenley Hall
Associate Professor
Andrews Univ. Seminary
Joseph Kidder
Associate Professor
Andrews Univ. Seminary
CYE Ministries Dir. 180 S Coordinator 180 S Assistant Coordinator  
Martin Weber  
Justin Yang 
CYE Ministries Dir.
Estepha Francisque 
Grad Student
AU Seminary
Matthew Johnson
Grad Student
AU Seminary



Gary Swanson Kathy Beagles Deborah Silva Lea Danihelova
Gary Swanson
Kathy Beagles
Deborah Silva
Denny Grady
Lea Danihelova
Anna Romuald
Tim Simon
Anna Romuald
Jerry Thomas
Kenneth Daniel
Ryan Whitehead
Throstur Thordarson
Ryan Whitehead
Jasmine Fraser
Petr Cincala
Steve Nash


Duane Covrig 
Tim Lale    


2013 180 Symposium Group Reports

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